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Chasity was born on May 5, 1981 in Houston County and lived most of her life in Webb, AL.  She is the daughter of  Lander & Betty Barnes. She has three sisters: Amanda,  Regina, Candance.


She graduated from Ashford High School in 1999 and received her Bachelors degree in Public Relations and Journalism from Troy University in 2002 and her Masters degree in Business Administration from Troy University Dothan in 2007.


She was employed with Southeast Alabama Medical Center in the Marketing Department and later with the Medical Center Barbour in Eufaula as Marketing Director.

At the time of her death she was employed with Troy University in Troy as a Community College Relations Coordinator. She was a member of Northview Christian Church and a former member of the Sardis Baptist Church where she served as the Minister of Music.



Live Your Life



Chasity had a passion for God and a love for people. In her short, 27 years on earth she accomplished things that older adults are still trying to do: Be a devoted and bold follower of Jesus Christ, obtain two degrees and be a professional in her field.


She was headstrong, but focused. She had a life plan and she was on the road to fulfilling it. She liked to have fun and she loved to travel and see new things.


Her life was tragically cut short on March 30, 2009 when she succumb to sickness. She was misdiagnosed several times when she visited the doctor.

Now, we'll never know exactly what caused her problems - more reason for YOU to make medical check-ups a normal part of your life - and more importantly - be persistent.  And remember THE ENEMY IS A LIAR.


Chasity would want you to remember...


​​Know Your Body: She didn't "look" like she was sick. She saw doctors but they sent her away without ever diagnosing her. But she knew something was wrong.


Be Persistent: If you know something doesn't feel right be aggressive at the doctor's office. You've got to make them pay attention to you. Your life depends on it.

​Don't Wait: Even if you don't think the ache or pain is a big deal  chances are it's probably not. But isn't best to be safe rather than sorry?

​Be Knowledgeable: Doctors won't spend that much time with a patient. So, go into the office with your research and what you think is going on. We've found it could be the difference between life and death.


What she'd want you to know

Chasity was a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. She was bold with her faith. She wasn't afraid to let everyone know. Being a Christian wasnt a new thing for her. The love of God and his son Jesus Christ was instilled in her since she was a small girl. She knew when things got hard to call on the name of Jesus. Remember: one of her favorite quotes:   THE DEVIL IS A LIE!

Her fight to the end

The enemy attacked Chasity with a vengeance. Because she was such a strong follower of Christ he tried to break her down. But she didn't let him win.  Even in her last hours she remained strong and kept her focus on God, her doctors said so. They were amazed to see a young woman with such strong faith.

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